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NebCorp Policy

The following collection of white papers outlines the official position of NebCorp with respect to issues of concern to the public. These policy papers breifly touch upon some of the public policy initiatives that NebCorp has undertaken. As they are neither complete nor comprehensive statements, they should not be construed as NebCorp's definitive stance on any subject.

NebCorp Public Service

NebCorp Staff

At first glance, it may seem a little strange to the Cog as to why NebCorp would elect to reveal its internal staff memos to the world. After all, important trade secrets may be discussed by NebCorp Workers on the internal mail system. Certainly, no corporation wishing to stay competitive in the marketplace would wish to divulge its secrets.

Yet, this is exactly what sets NebCorp apart from the other corporations in the business of world domination. At NebCorp, we invented the OpenConspiracy model which resembles the open source computer software movement. All information about the Corporation, its Workers, and its Master Plan is available to you, the faithful NebCorp consumer. By publishing our trade secrets, we give you the opportunity to examine the Master Plan. You can compare it to every aspect of not only your life, but to the lives of your loved ones. In doing so, you see exactly how you fit into the Master Plan and you see exactly how it enhances your lifestyle.

In defining the OpenConspiracy model and practising it throughout all levels of the Corporation, Nebcorp has realized total integration on the z-axis. Such integration allows the Corporation to deliver a fresh, meaningful World Order and validates the bonds which oppress you, the consumer.

NebCorp Published

NebCorp Internal

  • Re-evaluting Swift: A Nutritional Analysis of Pre-Adolescents
  • Culling World Population Through Alteration of "Lite" Beers

  • Impact of Continuing Global Warming Efforts

  • Proposed Solutions to the New York Problem
  • Quarterly Evaluation of the Springfield Effect

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