"Educating the Future"



The topic of education is on everybody's mind these days. The subject breaches political and social discourse, and rightfully so. Education, both of the young as well as the continuing education of adults, is critical to understanding the complex forces at work in the world. As the human species expands by leaps and bounds to challenge new frontiers, an immense body of knowledge is required and, subsequently, aquired. The wisdom to use that knowledge properly can only be gained through education. At NebCorp, we realize that education is the fundamental cornerstone to ruling the world.

Figure 1. The far-reaching impact of NebCorp's Board of Education begins with the basics.

Induction into the NebCorp Way, then, begins with the basics at a young age. The Board of Education oversees educational systems the world over and dictates curricula. Rest assured that no matter where you send your children, they are learning what is right...what is right for NebCorp.

Figure 2.Every citizen should take pride in his and/or her unique skills, contributions, and achievements, no matter how inconsequential.
To build the Great NebCorp Society, every station in life -- from the lowly to the noble -- needs to be filled. That is why NebCorp has seized control of the educational system; to prepare a world in which every cog fits perfectly into the grand machine!

NebCorp provides the input. You, an individual cog, spins, grinds, and drives the cogs further down the line. As you can see, your influence is immense. And for that, you are entitled to receive the best education that you need. After all the final product is a direct result, via your influence on the machinery downstream, of your labor!

In this way, a NebCorp education encourages people to think outside the gearbox while working within it!