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The following memo -- written by NebCorp Corporate Avatar Joseph Doyle, U.L.C. -- was posted externally to an Internet-based public information forum. The memo reflects Avatar Doyle's deep personal concern with pollution and dangerous chemical substances in our everyday environment. These chemicals effect all of us now, and, more importantly, our future generations.

Under Avatar Doyle's leadership, NebCorp has taken an active public stance against this hazardous chemical. Furthermore, at great personal risk, NebCorp workers have committed themselves to take a leading role in monitoring and safely disposing this material for your benefit.

NebCorp is committed to keeping this substance away from the abusers and from those who would use this chemical to harm, coerce, and deprive us. Rest assured that NebCorp is making your world -- a world which it rules -- a safer world.

DiHydrogen Monoxide

>From: Rev. Joe Doyle
>Newsgroups: uiuc.general
>Subject: Re: That red gunk (was Re: Red stuff on sidewalks
>Date: 19 Dec 1998 19:22:53 GMT
>Organization: Nebcorp, Inc.

"Di-hydrogen monoxide is known as the "Universal Solvent", and is well deserving of its evil reputation! In addition to being highly corrosive, physically destructive when applied in large volume, and conducive to automobile accidents when applied in small volume to our streets, it is also a highly addictive chemical substance. If addicts are deprived of their fix for as little as three days, the mortality rate is as high as 50%! And yet, with all that against it, most children say that they have "easy access" to it in the halls of our very schools! We must rise up and stamp out this hydrated menace, for the good of ourselves, for the good of our future, for the welfare of the children."