NebCorp...We Are Family!





NebCorp Defends Family Values!



NebCorp realizes that many of the basic lessons of life are taught in the home. They are handed down from generation to generation through words and actions. Such lessons prepare a clean, unbiased young mind to accept the realities of the future. In much the same way, NebCorp traditions and values are passed down through the generations. NebCorp recognizes the family as the quintessential unit of building the Great NebCorp Society.

At first glance, the link between a family and a multinational, ubiquitous entity which rules the world may not be readily apparent. However, upon further investigation, that link becomes obvious. First, within a family unit, every member has his or her station, a niche which he and/or she fills. Every member -- be they mother, father, child, or uncle-once-removed -- of a family brings with him and/or her unique qualities which build a strong and diverse structure. At NebCorp, every worker, every drone, every corporate overlord, and every faithful NebCorp consumer fits like a cog to make the grand machine function efficiently and properly.

Secondly, the methods by which NebCorp rules the world have been adapted from authoritarian practises which have been proven in the family for centuries. The picture of reality that NebCorp paints is often based on several factors: the fear of deviating from some norm, a false sense of security from outside agitation, and an ill-founded hope for a better future. Similarily, a family unit instills pressure to adhere to traditions as it attempts to insulate itself from people different from its own kind. Moreover, the family attempts to make its future generations believe that they can rise above the station in life in which the family has been locked forever. The family, then, prepares future generations to accept the bleak picture of reality that results from a world ruled by external forces.

Finally, the cruel injustices, inequalities, and coercion present in the larger world all manifest themselves within the family. After all, a family is based upon a rigidly defined heirarchy which establishes a definite chain of command. This chain of command facilitates the allocation of resources. Rather than allocate resources democratically, the allocation is based on power and seniority. Need is judged based on the whims of those in power, not by its demonstration by the needy. At NebCorp, our teams of actuaries and social scientists ascertain the general state of the populace as it relates to the Master Plan. Where needed, additional resources may be sent in order to placate, reward, or encourage. Similarily, resources may be taken away in order to punish. At NebCorp, we decide who gets the candy and the shiny toys.

Moreover, the ultimate effective coercive tool -- violence -- at Nebcorp's disposal is deeply ingrained in the family. What is sibling rivalry if not a metaphor and preparation for global warfare? Submission to governmental authority and the subsequent treatment of individuals by governments are extended, logical examples of child abuse and domestic violence. As NebCorp pulls the strings of governmental institutions administering the citizenry, it is just as easily pulling the strings of parents raising their children.

By utilizing the same tools that the family unit uses to continue its reign, NebCorp supplants the family as the controlling force in your life. As a given individual goes through the rites of passage, the authoritarianism, injustice, and coercion of the family fades. At the same time, NebCorp emerges as the great equalizer, uniting all men and women under the one umbrella of the Neb World Order, and thrusts down the yoke of domination onto each individual. Free from the innocense of childhood, the individual is now nurtured by new forms of authority, inequity, and compulsion. NebCorp now speaks as the family; NebCorp now is the family.