I am so glad you found this. I hope they will not notice
that I put this on the corporate web server. Listen, these
people are really really bad. When nebcorp says that they
rule your world, believe them! i have seen firsthand what
they do to people who do not believe in their "nebcorp way"
it is not pretty.

Go, run, tell everybody that you know about this
corporation. They cannot be allowed to continue ruling
our world. They have evil plans. They want to use us to
further their twisted goals! Go, run! Tell your
priests and rabbis. Write letters to your elected
officials stamp out this menace. Tell others to look
at this web page and see for themselves that nebcrop
is not at all about the peace and love that this
web site talks.

I am stuck here on the inside pretending to enjoy my
job, but I really hate it. We can work at anytime we
like, we get ice cream for lunch, and...God, I hate
it! Sometimes I just wish I would slip on accident
and fall into the giant oily gears of this under-
ground machine. I try to run away...every night
when they shut the machine down at midnight. God
i just wish this would end!

I have proof of their plans. Meet me tomorrow at