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Video Mind Control

The following high-quality video clips have been excerpted from NebCorp training films. Such clips are inserted randomly into your everyday television programming. Further, these signals are present regardless of whether you receive your television signal via satellite, cable, or good old-fashion outdoor antenna. NebCorp has already done all the hard work for you!

Contained within the frequency modulated subcarriers of normal programming are additional messages -- calls for public action, commercials for our fine products, and helpful public service announcements -- which you would normally mute. Additionally, these messages are superimposed onto your favorite television programming so that you, the faithful NebCorp consumer, do not miss any information that we deem important while you step away to go to the bathroom during a commercial break!

Please view these clips with extreme care; they are highly suggestive pieces of cinematography! NebCorp cannot and will not claim any responsibility for any actions carried out by the viewer after he or she views these provacative videos. Viewer discretion is advised!


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