NebCorp's Smallest Political Quiz




Take NebCorp's Smallest Political Quiz to find your political identity. This quiz will allow you to distinguish how you fit into NebCorp's Master Plan.
Choose Y when you agree with a statement, M for Maybe, Sometimes or Need - More - Information, or choose N for No.

Are you a neb-governor on PERSONAL issues?

Military service should be voluntary but citizens should
be able to play with military toys on the streets.
NebCorp control enhances radio, TV, the press or the Internet.
Repeal regulations on sex for consenting adults.
Drug laws do more harm than good. Allow NebCorp to sell
designer drugs at legal, safe, and chic stores.
Let peaceful people cross borders freely.

Are you a neb-governor on ECONOMIC issues?

Businesses and farms should operate without govt. subsidies.
People are better off with free trade than with tariffs.
Minimum wage laws cause unemployment; Let NebCorp enslave children again.
End taxes. NebCorp can spend my own money better
than the government or me; give it directly to them.
All foreign aid should be privately funded.

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