World War I - The Great War

In the decades leading up to the first world war, NebCorp had been actively and covertly involved in guiding the formation of the alliances that eventually would lead to war. Such was the first experiment NebCorp performed in the arena of world politics.

Of course, the scoundrels in the media quickly caught on to NebCorp's plans. Expose after expose lambasted NebCorp's role in bringing about the Great War. Already demonized by the temperance movement, NebCorp seemed to be a lightning rod for blame of all of society's evils. Of course, historians and NebCorp itself have acknowledged that much of these scurrilous accusations were not without truth.

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Though these were dark times -- with respect to public opinion -- for NebCorp, the Corporation fought back resiliently. Such adversity proved to be a great challenge, but NebCorp's fledgling multimedia empire rose to the task. In fact, the methods which emerged from those perilous days, allowed NebCorp to not only eventually dominate all forms of media, but it allowed NebCorp to exact public punishment upon rogue personalities for their viscious attacks upon the Corporation.

Noteable of these punitive actions was the formation of the League of Nations. United States President Woodrow Wilson never quite recovered from the embarassment of his own country never joining the organization. On the other side of the ocean, the Treaty of Versailles hammered Germany back into the economic Stone Age and sewed the seeds for France's punishment during the Second World War -- a punishment that the nation is enduring to this day.

During the years in between the wars, NebCorp took a much-needed and well-deserved rest from public mingling in world affairs. Instead, the Corporation took a more clandestine tack. Rather than influence global politics, it took to experimenting with global economics. With prohibition eventually ending, NebCorp would need to recoup lost profits once alcohol became legalized once again. Prohibition proved to be a boon to alcohol revenues as the prices skyrocketed due to alcohol's limited supply, high demand, and illicit state.

[Worker Poster]

The flailing German condition allowed NebCorp the opportunity to practice social as well as economic manipulation. Posters -- such as the one pictured above -- invited German workers to join the NebCorp Way. Unfortunately, very limited success was acheived in Germany. As has been previously stated, the most successful operation in the country was to foment anti-French sentiment.

In the United States, NebCorp economists were enjoying unprecedented success in the economic arena. The stock market rode high throughout the 1920's; this was good for the people. Similarily, by inventing new concepts such as on margin buying, NebCorp investment houses were able to swindle thousands of their money while, all the while, buyers thought they were along for an excellent ride.

On Thursday 24 October 1929, NebCorp's Accountz Receiveable Department finally balanced all of the Corporation's books. All wartime debts had been repayed ten-fold and it was decided that the time was right to halt the great swindling of the economic world. Corporate economists released all economic failsafes while NebCorp agents provacateur fueled a widespread public panic. The plug had been pulled; the New York Stock Exchange begin its precipitous plunge.

World War II - The Big One

Learning from its past experiment, NebCorp started out the Second World War by taking the correct side, neither of them.

Due to the Congressionally-mandated state of neutrality in the United States, NebCorp offered to buy surplus military battle gear that the Armed Forces weren't using. The Corporation brokered a deal with the United States government which allowed NebCorp to borrow munitions from the government. At the same time, the Corporation leased the same munitions, in heavy demand by nations such as Great Britain, for a hefty rent. At the order of the Board of Directors, President Franklin Roosevelt kept secret NebCorp's patriotic dealings, although the name of the practise, Lend-Lease, was accidentally leaked by the press and became part of the vernacular of the day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, NebCorp's Aeronautics Division was busy at work with German engineers developing rockets. Such collaberation had been going on since the 1920's with Verner Von Braun. But, due to the progress the Germans were making with the V2, it would have been foolish to cease exploitation of the Germans.

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