In 1991, NebCorp pulled the plug on one of its greatest social, political, and economic experiments. From the year 1917 to the year 1991, NebCorp engineered the largest scale nation on the face of this planet; the experiment profoundly impacted the politics of most of the 20th century. This diverse and interdisciplinary project was known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The enormous wealth of data gathered from this undertaking has furnished the Corporation with the hands-on skills to more effectively control media, to exploit natural resources, to manage large arsenals of thermonuclear weaponry, and to distill truly exceptional vodka.

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Above: David Terrell (left), NebCorp Prime Minister, and Rene Hendrix (right), NebCorp Finance Minister, at the Finance Ministry in Champaign, Illinois listen to the futile pleas of Soviet Central Committee members pleading to keep the USSR intact. In early 1991, Corporate Ministers met with top Soviet government officials to order a failed coup attempt to overthrow the government of then-President Mikhail Gorbachev. The subsequent worldwide speculation of the demise of the USSR facilitated a calmer end to the USSR Project.


Rest assured that the lessons learned from the USSR program are being applied to improve countless numbers of mundane lives the world over. In the meantime, help recall and celebrate the heady days of the Cold War, when what seemed like your fast-paced life was but a few key-turns away from total obliteration.

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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

17 October 1919 --- 25 December 1991