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NebCorp's Multimedia Empire has realized Total Media Control. Our various information-gathering arms vigilantly collect, catalogue, and analyze any and all information passing through any medium, be it some aether or some manner of fidelity. We control the horizontal; we control the vertical. As a result, we control all formulation of ideas and thought. Additionally, we control the means by which those ideas are transmitted...be it airwaves, print media, or electronic communication.


At one point, Andrew Carnegie, Nelson Rockefeller, et. al. were known as Captains of Industry. At NebCorp, our industrial base is not only vertically and horizontally integrated, but it is also integrated on the z-axis. Such innovation within the upper levels of business philosophy and physics, such ingenuity on the factory floors, and our unique relationship with our workforce has propelled NebCorp to become Pirate Admirals of Industry.


In order to succesfully dominate the marketplace, mere control of the means of manufacturing is simply not enough. At NebCorp, we realized that the reigns of trade, sale, and distribution of wealth must be seized tightly.

Around the globe, fleets of freighters move immense amounts of raw materials to thoroughly efficeint factories. At the other end, finished goods are moved into a vast network of distribution outlets.


Of course, tangible proof of NebCorp's domination of commerce and industry is furnished in the form of profit on a monetary scale. Profit, then, can be used to aquire goods and property. At NebCorp, we aquire goods and property not only to fit our master plan, but also for sheer novelty and folly.


NebCorp has not forgotten the foundation upon which the world it rules is built. As it has been throughout millenia of human existence, agriculture is the fundamental process which sows the seeds of social structure. Through strict control of crops, the soil, and even weather, it is ensured that societies grow and collapse only where they will suit the grand plan.


Art is the language of society; it transcends political and economic will. Over the years, numerous political systems have been toppled and brought under our control by using art as the vehicle of agitation. At NebCorp, we encourage social subversion and perversion via the arts.


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